To break my two week Instagram hiatus, I’m posting about what I’ve spent my time doing while not “Instagram-ing” Bam!! Do try this at home, kids!! Also, thank you @danutamaria for checking in on my “shut in” status. It was time!!
SO glad I did my nails!! I had some beautiful bare recovery going on there for week or so before taking this hot autumn plunge (while I watched a tech guy set up our new office’s internet and phone lines) Thank you SO much @zoyanailpolish for these beautiful colors!! I LOVE you guys!!! #colormaster #multitasker #doubleduty #girlpower 💅💻
I know I’ve posted this quote before but I love this rendition of it, and it’s always a good thing to remember. Sometimes it’s easy to fall into a pattern of daily “must-dos” that aren’t always the most fun or “happy-making” endeavors. When you participate in activities you enjoy you will thrive more not just in your happy place but also in the not so fun areas of your life as well! So cheers to following your heart into it’s happy place. Much love ❤️ Happy Tuesday!! ☀️✨🎉
Happy Birthday to my best friend and soul sister @danutamaria!! A true beauty inside and out! Can’t wait to see you blossom and glow in your next trip around the sun! ☀️Love you!!! ❤️💗💛
In honor of the photo shoot I was supposed to have today, here’s a shot I love done by @lehisanchez. So much going on in life right now, this is how I feel, calm and cool in a breeze of excitement. ✨
The Capitol peaking out behind the trees 🌳 #CelebratingAmerica
True Story! @wellandgoodnyc
Braids, braids and more braids!! Check out my latest blog post with a brief summary of my last few months and intro on my NYFW coverage. @catwalkbytigi @mrnickirwin @mariakefisherman Cheers to beauty!!! 🎉  (at
The trek to the ocean 🌊
Absolutely wonderful dinner with some incredibly inspiring men. They trust in a greater good and cherish genius ideas. They built the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial from the ground up despite impossible circumstances and many a naysayer. Thank you so much gentlemen!!