Happy Birthday to my best friend and soul sister @danutamaria!! A true beauty inside and out! Can’t wait to see you blossom and glow in your next trip around the sun! ☀️Love you!!! ❤️💗💛
In honor of the photo shoot I was supposed to have today, here’s a shot I love done by @lehisanchez. So much going on in life right now, this is how I feel, calm and cool in a breeze of excitement. ✨
The Capitol peaking out behind the trees 🌳 #CelebratingAmerica
True Story! @wellandgoodnyc
Braids, braids and more braids!! Check out my latest blog post with a brief summary of my last few months and intro on my NYFW coverage. @catwalkbytigi @mrnickirwin @mariakefisherman Cheers to beauty!!! 🎉  (at www.alizarupert.com)
The trek to the ocean 🌊
Absolutely wonderful dinner with some incredibly inspiring men. They trust in a greater good and cherish genius ideas. They built the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial from the ground up despite impossible circumstances and many a naysayer. Thank you so much gentlemen!!
New York, New York 🍎
Goodnight. Love Me + Puppy Ru {pronounced Roo} 🐾
Enough said. ✨